Kenyataan Akhbar KPK 8 Ogos 2018 – Penjualan Produk Anti HFMD/Flu Spray Berjenama Thymos

We Malaysia people always fast to believe the rumor on Internet and advertisement. So beware about all health product and always double check with professional healthcare.


Eheeeeemmm, 🤗

Hello guys!! 👋😎

Today I try watching this anime CHIO CHAN NO TSUUGAKIRO. Well, from my perception it was really good anime. The story is about a high school girl name Chio on the way to school. There will be something hilarious happen until she arriving at school. It was full of comedy and bad jokes that make you laugh nonstop.

Gladly if you guys watch it. 😊


What the hell!!

Only at episode 3 but the story already feel like at the climax.

Why you are so cute onoo. You never said anything but you already the best girl. And you make me fall in love at the last part of the episode. ❤

Funniest quote!!

“I want to check if the penis have a bone? ” 😂😂